Cameron Ross and Jason Carter

Cute new faces in awesome action, long haired Jason, with a smooth chest and hairy legs catches up with stunning Cameron Ross, one of the most handsome faces, dark hair and slightly hairy chest. These horny lads can't wait to strip naked and feel each others bodies against theirs own. Both feeding off each others rock hard cocks. These young indie faces are well and truly fucked solid before Thor can't take anymore and gets Jason's hole dripping with spit before slipping his dick up to the hilt into his mate. Jason ride Thor like a stallion, bouncing on his cock as Thor thrusts it up, getting every last inch into him, filling him up with pure meat. This isn't where it ends though, Jason gets his own back but giving Thor a hard fucking as well, both loving the feeling of cock in ass.
Featuring:  Cameron Ross
Release Date: 04/10/2012